Miami Art Zine: 'Area Stage Company's young leader finds a place at the theater'

July 12, 2019


A Conversation With Giancarlo Rodaz


About a decade ago, Giancarlo Rodaz resembled many youngsters. For instance, he enjoyed playing video games and drawing. While he essentially grew up in the theater, "I didn't want any part of it," the now 23-year-old says.


Still, his parents, John and Maria, forced him out of the house and into the theater

they'd founded – the award-winning, 30-year-old Area Stage Company. But the young Rodaz entered the building sulking. He wished to remain home, playing his video games and drawing.


With that in mind, it is hard to fathom that today, at just 23, Rodaz is – a playwright, projection designer, scenic designer, director, actor, sound designer, puppet builder, award-nominated lighting designer, visual effects designer and an associate artistic director.


Yes, a lot can change in roughly a decade. Specifically, Rodaz's transformation demonstrates the addictive power of live theater. Indeed, after a reporter asked him what happened, Rodaz said he "became addicted" to the art form. "I don't do drugs, by the way," Rodaz added.


He is, by turns, unpredictable, funny, lively, a mentor-like figure, authoritative yet pleasant, friendly, sincere, and blunt. Surely, if Rodaz were a character in a play, he would hardly represent a stock figure. And just as the Miami-area resident seems to possess a multifaceted personality, one could easily describe him as a well-rounded theater artist.


Read the full article by Aaron Krause here in Miami Art Zine

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